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Oregon HECC PLE data pull (due 10/25)

We are required to provide the data below to the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission. Please provide the information in a CSV directly to Lesa Pastor. Due October 25. Thank you very much in advance for your help!



Date range: 07/01/16 – 06/30/17

Products: Oregon insurance prelicensing courses only (Does not include supplemental products, webinars, renewals, etc. Just the initial purchase of PLE courses.)

They are picky about formatting. Please make sure the formatting follows the models below.

-Every student who registered to take an OR PLE course

-SSN without dashes

-Product code without dashes– last 10 digits only

-Registration date (dd/mm/yyyy)

-Last name

-First name

-Middle name or initial (if collected)

-Date of birth (if collected) yyyymmdd

-Zip code (limit to first 5 digits only)

-State of residence



In the future, we will also need to provide this data for registrations occurring 07/01/17 – 10/20/17. Please provide this to me by November 17.


Thanks very much for your help!

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